Daryl Glinn Tanner

Daryl Glinn Tanner received her Master's degree in Literature and decided to turn her memories of a turbulent childhood and the spiritual remedy she found in nature into her first novel, "What Feeds the Heart".  Through the journey of writing, she opened her own beauty salon, FreshHair, and then developed "Divine Response" a natural hair and skin care line containing such a secret grouping of herbs that she patented the product.  "Honoring the natural world is ingrained in who I am.  Plants are a kindred spirit that I love."  In both her entrepreneurial life and her works as an author, Daryl is dedicated to nature and all things healhty for the body, mind, and spirit.

Website: www.darylglinntanner.com


Twitter:  https://twitter.com/DarylWrites

Joy-Ruth Mickelson

Joy-Ruth Mickelson is an adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta and a accomplished author of several university papers and psychological histories.  A true visual artist, Joy Ruth has painted and done pottery and sculpture.  "Facing the Shards" is the memoir of the life she lived as a foster child during the London Blitz.

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Laurie Stevens

Laurie is a novelist, screenwriter, and playwright.  Laurie has written for  television and for film.  Her stage play, "Follow Your Dreams", co-written with writer/director Ronald Jacobs, ran for 8 weeks in Los Angeles.  Laurie's articles and short stories have appeared in numerous national and online publications.  Her newest novels, "The Dark Before Dawn" and "Deep Into Dusk" are part of a psych-thriller series based in the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles.  Each book in the series will chronicle the healing process of Gabriel McRay, a detective who suffers from the effects of a childhood drama.  Each case he investigates will impact where he is at in his healing process.  Psychology and forensics interest Laurie, so her writing is rich in both.

Website:  www.lauriestevensbooks.com

Facebook:  LaurieStevensAuthor

Twitter: @lauriestevens1



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  • Winner of Best of 2011 - Kirkus Reviews 
  • Winner The Amsterdam Book Festival 2016
  • Winner The 2015 Clue Award
  • Winner The  2014 IPPY Awards
  • Library Journal Self-E Winner & Feature Selection